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By completing and submitting this online registration the student is committing himself / herself to the indicated course. The Communication Embassy Canada Inc. is required to share information with Citizenship and Immigration Canada and the Ministry of Training/Colleges and Universities as a condition of being a designated institution approved under the International Student Program.

The student can free himself/herself of the commitment provided he/she sends a notifying letter, REGISTERED MAIL, prior to the starting date of the course. In this case The Communication Embassy Canada Inc. will claim a 10% indemnity.

If the student cancels his/her course because his/her Canadian visa is denied, The Communication Embassy Canada Inc. will refund all received school fees (school fees do not include The Communication Embassy Canada Inc.’s $200 administration fee, bank or credit card charges, courier charges, or fees for notarization of documents).

A student who has attended only part of a course at this institution is only required to pay for the months he or she attended or was scheduled for. However, in this case no refunds will be made for the portion of the not yet completed month, and an official notice of withdrawal has to be given to The Communication Embassy Canada Inc. at least three weeks before the starting date of the next monthly session.

In the case that the official notice of withdrawal has not been received on time, the student will be charged for the following month. NON-ATTENDANCE BY ITSELF DOES NOT CONSTITUTE AN OFFICIAL WITHDRAWAL.

Prices are subject to 13% taxes.

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