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Thousands of students from around the world travel to Canada to join many educational programs, one of them is English as a Second Language (ESL). Because of its high quality of life and high academic reputation, Canada is one of the main countries that students choose to study.

At The Communication Embassy we offer you the support you need in each step of your trip and we perform an initial needs analysis to help you choose the best option for your English program.

Years of experience in the language field, the combination of best practices in teaching English as a Second Language and a methodology that motivates and prepares you for the global world.

Our goal at The Communication Embassy is to help students develop their ability to move fluently across the international arena.

Our Team welcomes you to

The Communication Embassy, where we will prepare you for a world of opportunities.

English in Canada Our Mission

To assist our clients reach their potential through language, communication and cultural training, that allows them to adapt to a competitive and global world.











Our levels follow  an international proficiency scale, Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR)







Basic Intermediate Advanced
General English

General (20 hours/week)

Extensive (30 hours/week)

1 to 11 weeks

$195* per week

$215* per week

12 to 23 weeks

$190* per week

$210* per week

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Conversational Methodology.

Exclusive use of English in class.

Programs and guidelines set by Cambridge University.

6 Levels of Proficiency,  based on the  international proficiency scale: Common European Framework  of Reference (CEFR)

Groups of  6 to 8 participants

Phonetic elements  in each lesson

Highly qualified ESL instructors (TESOL certified).   

*Prices subject to 13% taxes